Easy Entertaining with Trader Joes

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Have you ever had friends drop by unexpected? Do you want to entertain but not spend hours getting ready? More importantly do you want to entertain and not break the bank? Well, here is my solution to these questions. I keep my fridge stocked with basics from Trader Joe’s (fruits, veggies, dips, etc…) Everything is so easy and affordable then when arranged on the right platter it looks so fancy and delicious. In fact, the last time I arranged this platter, my guest said she felt like she was in a Sunset Magazine shoot- LIFE MADE.

It could not be any more simple. I stock up on veggies, fruit, hummus- I get the Cilantro hummus because it spices things up. I buy some of Trader Joe’s amazing and affordable cheese and crackers and get to town arranging. However, I must say the secret to this arrangement feeling special is the Caramelized Onion Dip. It is insanely good, people LOVE it and it goes great with crackers or vegetables. Below is what I keep in my refrigerator and how I arrange it!

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