Creating a Care Package for Kids in the Hospital


Not a fun or easy topic. However recently I found myself in a position in needing to create a care package for a little girl. A dear friend of mine has a little girl that will be spending significant time in and out of the hospital fighting her illness. The mother in me wants to comfort and solve this unthinkable situation but the human in me knows this is not possible. I have compiled a list of items that put a smile on a little girl undergoing a very difficult situation. Sometimes when there is nothing you can do, bringing a smile to someones face is worth a million bucks.

  1. Go simple. When a child is sick they likely do not have a lot of energy, but small things can go a long way. I suggest a really fun and silly card. Don’t worry if it says, “Happy Birthday” or some other message. Focus on the fun level. I found this dancing chicken card that was a huge hit.

  2. Role play. I can’t tell you how kids of all ages, sick or not benefit from acting out the situation they are in. Doc McStuffins is a clear go to, but there are tons of fun doctor sets that would be perfect.

  3. Dum Dums. The lollipop of choice! They have tons of flavors, and not too huge so even small kids can enjoy them.

  4. Cozy clothes. I think the parents benefit the most from these. Sometimes kids in the hospital need to wear very little so doctors have full access to their bodies. However, wearing something comfortable and attractive can really help a parent in the situation feel more human.

  5. Healthy snacks for the parents

  6. A fun item I added to the care package was fun party straws. I do not know if they were used, but I found them in the party section and I bought a bunch of unicorn straws that most definitely would keep staying hydrated more fun.

  7. Wipes. Good wipes help with everything. Washing hands, faces, heck, even bodies. I like Water Wipes- practically nothing in them and no sent- HUGE.

There are so many ideas for kids in the hospital and other items I can think of for just parents but this is a pretty happy, basic list for any child living through a difficult situation. I believe if a package can bring some light into a dark situation it is a real win.