Amazon Finds for May

I am sure I am not alone in saying that I depend on Amazon to keep my household running. BUT, more important than the practical finds, are the fun ones… am I right? Below are my top 5 “fun” non clothes finds on Amazon for the month of May. All links are affiliate links, meaning that if you buy through my link I get a small commission of the purchase which helps me able to continue making these lists!

I shower every night before bed, its more about time alone to clear my mind then it is to actually get clean. I usually don’t want to get my hair went so I have come to depend on this amazing shower cap. It is insane how all of my hair stays dry… and it’s cute :)

During the summer I frequent many farmers markets- or I live at the pool. Both places I don’t want to bring my entire wallet. I love these netted bags using Nora’s cute snack packs. They are water proof, look cute and fit cash, license, and keys. The bags come in a pack of 3!

I love summer entertaining, however I still try to stay away from anything disposable- even when I know we will be outside. I LOVE the brand Lifefactory. I have been loyal to them since my kids had baby bottles. They make the glass (indestructible) wine glasses. I have a bunch, they last forever and dress up any party!

I love my Apple Watch- I do, I really do. I also like having fun with the interchangeable bands. These are my favorite- people think they are designer :) TONS of colors!

Anything to stay organized or keep kids entertained… right?! These magnetic whiteboards just stick to your fridge- leave notes for yourself, let the kids draw (pens come off fridge) or anything else!

Rainy Day Finds for Kids!

Rainy day color.JPG

Fall is coming- or so they say. Rain is such a great part of seasonal changes, however when you are shlepping kids around it can put a real cramp in your style. Here are some fun deals for kids that will help them stay dry.