Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog! This blog is a passion project that brings me so much joy. I grew up in California, but moved to Dallas, TX for 5 years. I loved my time in Texas but am so happy to be back to my California roots. Before I moved to TX, I worked as a school counselor and loved it. However, in Texas I decided to stay home with my 3 kids. Durning this time I needed an outlet that was just for myself, that is when I started my first blog. I love writing and it brought me joy. Emilys Finds is my second blog that developed from my Facebook page. I love finding a good deal, and I love passing along the deal to friends. This blog is a way to continue my deal loving ways and find some time to fulfill my writing needs.

I decided to break up the blog into three categories, Deals, Inspiration and Family Life. Deals is just what you would imagine, my Facebook page is the best way to stay up to date with all my favorite deals. “Inspiration” shares some practical ideas from care packages to art projects and “Family Life” is me sharing with you outings and traditions that my family enjoy.

I hope you truly enjoy looking around!